*KryptoJazz by Marlene Marquardt* New NFT coins *REAL ART Projekt with IQuality factor 

MARLENE MARQUARDT is german profi artist & audiovisuelle author, creating digital + vintage art-events and is owner of important .com .de internet domains (digital land made of word combinations) to protect their worth for society or she buys it cause Marlene has fallen into love with a wonderful new word she has found.

Her collectibles are named in

1. kryptopop 1-100

2. kryptojazz 1-100 and 

3. kryptorap 1-100 artworks, sorted into 1 humorous, 2 experimental and 3 critical reflection of society „as a main job of art like a mirrow of time“ marleneszeit@me.com  


Vita of Artist: 

Marlene Marquardt was born into a rich artist family in Germany in the times of Berlin Wall between east & west. Although of been a rich west-kid, Marlene grew up in evil surroundings and after leaving her home with 14 years she lived poor with rats in a wracked down house ,,studied at musical school mannheim inspite of stopped going to school in order to stay on stage daily. - later she also studied at bauhausuniversität weimar visuell communication & free art) Marlene gladly born 4 healthy kids, now gladly with her 4 healthy kids after partnership, working in Hamburgers  Germany in her atelier, living also together with her mum that is a pottery in her event gallery telling the whole world all about her experiences and love to her children, mum and artworks! further information 


Marlene Marquardt, german professional artist tells the story of her quarantine with the stylistic devices of art.  Loving, sensitive, humorous and also desperate when, despite being vaccinated by the Covid virus, she finally got pneumonia and the disease was much too long.


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pan-cake is a wonderful collection of 30 limited versions of MARLENE MARQUARDTs smiley comic character supporting the lgbtq & equality community . Marlene is german profi artist living in Hamburg believing in the power of good souls and loving them. MARLENE MARQUARDT has a foundation for juveniles and art WATCH OUT give ❤️?


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